Ages 0-3



Nurturing a Good Reader
      It All Starts Long Before They Know Their ABC's
Talk, Talk, Talk So Your Child Can Read, Read, Read
      The More Words They Hear, the More Words They'll Someday Be Able to Read
Snuggle Time
      Reading Feels Good!
Singing Your Way to Literacy
      Bringing Music to Their Ears Will Bring the Love of Reading to Their Souls
Make It Play, Never Work
      A Light Touch on Early Literacy Experiences Pays Off With a Work-Play Balance For Your Future Student
The Point of Pop-Up Books
      Beyond Mere 'Peek-a-Boo'
The Power of Parent Talk
      The More Parent-Child Verbal Interaction, the Higher the IQ and Grades
Alphabet Match Game
      Mastering the Alphabet Was Never So Much Fun
Alphabet Puzzle
      Humble Little Index Cards Make a Fun Puzzle For a Preschooler
Alphabet Scavenger Hunt
      This One Gets Wild, But "Letter" (or Him) Have Fun!
Putting a Face With a Name
      Use Photos of People They Know to Teach Them How to Read Names
The Power of Poetry
      Read-Aloud Rhymes Make a Child's Heart Sing, All Rights Reserved.