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Ages 4-6



The Building Blocks of Reading
      Keep Them in Mind As You Read Aloud With Preschoolers On Up
The Big 5 in Reading
      Can You Name the 5 Key Pre-Literacy Sub-Skills to Launch an Independent Reader?
Make Sure the Child Sees the Text
      An Important Prevention Tool Against Reading Disabilities is Making Sure the Child Makes Sound-Symbol Correspondences
Picture Rhyme Book
      A Fun Way to Introduce Rhymes and Patterns in Words
First Grade, First Chapter Books
      What a Milestone! Here Are Some Suggestions For That Important 'First'
Phonemic Awareness: Echo Reading
      Pronounce Words in a Funny Book Well, and Have the Student Echo Back
Create an Alphabet Book
      Your Child's Animal Illustrations Will Bring Phonics Skills Alive
Descriptive Strips
      Paper a Room With Colorful Adjectives
Rhyme Time
      Samples of Sound-Alikes Get Young Readers to Unwind the Mind
Scrambled Sentences
      This Goofy Group Project Is Eggs-Actly How to Teach Grammar
Surprise Story Box
      Kids Love Telling a Spontaneous Story With Unexpected Props
Read My Body Part
      Giggle-Producing Labeling Game Gives Sound-Symbol Correspondence Practice and Word Recognition Skill
Wacky Conversations
      Speaking S - l - o - w - l - y or Reallyreallyfast Helps Students Hear Individual Sounds and Whole Words
Olivia -- Be a One-Man Band
      Read This Popular Olivia Book, and Then Act Out the Climactic Scene
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