Ages 7-14



Tongue Twisters
      This Crazy Game Makes You Laugh While Your Work on Your Literacy Skills
The 'Goldilocks Method' -- How to Choose a Book That's Right For You
      Not Too Hard, Not Too Easy, But Jusssssst Riiiiiiiight
Grade-Level Estimation Tool
      An Online Reading Aid to Help You Find Your Approximate Skill Level
Genre Guidance
      So Many Books, So Little Time . . . So Here's How to Organize a Little Reading Variety
Put Yourself in a Character's Shoes
      A Fun Way to Combine History, Drawing and Reading With a Little Fashion Design
'Mirror Stories' -- Reflecting Real Life
      Whatever Is Going On With You, There's a Book About Just That, and It Would Be Perfect For You
Biographies and Autobiographies
      Read About the People You Might Want to Be Like
One Word, Nine Animals
      Decoding Practice With a Crazy-Long Word, All Rights Reserved.